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Eunice CASCANT at GEOMIGRACE Summer School 2022 - Charles University Prague

Evènement | October 5, 2022

Summer school on migration and development organized from the 14th to the 20th of August 2022 by the Geographic Migration Centre – GEOMIGRACE (Charles University) with the support of IMISCOE, International Migration Research Network.

Eunice Cascant is a doctorante at Magellan - iaelyon School of Management Research Center. She realizes her Thesis within the Framework of the project Merging H2020, under the supervision of Catherine Mercier-Suissa and Noémie Dominguez.

"It was a week of wonderful remarkable encounters, discussions, workshops, and debates surrounding Migration and development. An honor to have participated with a great cohort of 60 Ph.D. researchers from all over the globe. A life-changing opportunity to witness scholars and practitioners from the academic nexus, NGOs such as UNHCR, and IOM coming together and sharing experiences cutting across migration and integration.

Highlights from this one-week summer school included; Migration, Integration and development, Migration and the Sustainable development goals, Migration and climate change, and Migrant and Refugee Entrepreneurial activities.
This event enabled me to share more on my research on Refugee Social Entrepreneurship, a paper that was presented at the REInSER  Social entrepreneurship conference at the University of Bologna Forli campus in Italy in March 2022 which was later published in the conference proceedings."

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