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Allan LUBART’s research exchange at McGill University

Evènement | September 5, 2022

Allan LUBART, PhD student in Marketing at Magellan - iaelyon School of Management Research Center, has conducted a research exchange at the McGill University – Desautels Faculty of Management from April to June 2022, to collaborate with Professor Ernan HARUVY and PhD student John HAN on a research project in the field of the Metaverse.

This initial visiting was also the opportunity for Allan to present, in front of the McGill Institute of Marketing (MIM), a paper co-written with his advisor, Professor Sonia CAPELLI, and to analyze with Professor HARUVY a database from the location-based game Neopolis as part of the research partnership with the French startup Revolt Games.

Allan LUBART will be returning to McGill University in May 2023 to complete the research project related to the Metaverse.