ISEOR-AOM 2021 International Conference and Doctoral Consortium

Evènement | June 9, 2021

The 10th edition of the ISEOR-AOM 2021 International Conference and Doctoral Consortium, organized by the ISEOR International Research Center in partnership with the Management Consulting Division of the Academy of Management (AOM) (USA), with the support of iaelyon – University Jean Moulin.

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This consortium will allow researchers and doctoral students to present their research in the field of change management. It will allow for a comparison between European and American doctoral programs, and the reinforcement between theory and practice.

The conference, which will be held online this year, will welcome around 300 participants from around the world. The presentations will be translated simultaneously in French, English and Spanish.

Since 2001, several international conferences and doctoral consortium of the ODC (Organizational Development and Change) and MC (Management Consulting) divisions of the AOM have been organized by the ISEOR at the University Jean Moulin.

These events have been very successful, enabling an overall 1764 presentations of OD and change academics and doctoral students from 49 countries. Indeed, these events have shown how value is added when the development of relationships across the Atlantic expand to sharing knowledge and experience in the field of Research on themes such as:
  • Research on change management theories and evaluation methods of performance
  • Bridging the cap between theory and practice: action-research, intervention-research appreciative inquiry
  • CSR and tetranormalization, etc.

The consortium will consist of two types of presentations:
  • Papers conferences and testimonies proposed by academics aimed at presenting the various approaches applied to change management in different cultural settings.
  • Workshops, where doctoral students and executive doctoral students are invited to present the progress of their research in order to debate and exchange.
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