Jean-François Gajewski, Director of Magellan Research Lab

"Thinking about the management of tomorrow's organisations today."

Optimisation of managerial practices, innovation processes, and organisational schemes... Research in management sciences and of management creates added value for companies. The main objective of the Magellan Research Lab is to "think about the management of tomorrow's organisations today ".

Magellan Research Lab aims to develop the research in the field of organisational management and to increase its values to local, national and international organisations through diverse research and cooperation projects.

Researchers working in Magellan Research Lab communicate the progress of their research studies regularly at national and international conferences, and publish the research papers in academic or professional journal, as well as their research resultants in books or book chapters regularly.

iaelyon and Magellan Research Lab also host national and international scientific events. The Lab cooperates with research teams in France and internationally, particularly in Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic, Brazil, Canada, the United States and Mexico.