Director of Magellan, Dean of iaelyon and Lead Researchers of the 6 research groups


Magellan Lab Council is made up of 15 members:
• 2 full members: The Director and, when required, The Vice - Director
• 5 representatives of permanent members who are accredited research directors (HDR) holding a position within the institution, 4 of whom are elected through elections and 1 is appointed by the Director
• 4 representatives of other permanent members holding a position within the institution, 3 of whom are elected through elections and 1 is appointed by the Director.
• 2 representatives of PhD students
• 1 representative of members holding a position in another institution
• 1 representative of the administrative staff (BIATS).

The Laboratory Commitee is convened by the Magellan Director at least twice a year. Iaelyon Dean is invited as a permanent guest to the Comittee.
The 15 Center Laboratory current members are: BARBE Anne-Sophie, CANOLLE Fabien, DELATTRE
Miguel, DISSON Eric, DOMINGUEZ Noémie, GAJEWSKI Jean-François, GOUDARZI Kiane, GUILLOT-SOULEZ Chloé, HUSSLER Caroline, MUNZER Margit, TALENS Guilaine, VALLAT David, VANHEEMS Régine, VULCAIN Catherine et ZARDET Véronique.


The Research Unit Steering Committee is made up of the Director, the Vice-Director and 8 outside personalities. It has an advisory role and issues an opinion on the research unit organization and operation as well as on scientific projects. The 8 outside personalities (5 research faculty, 2 of whom are international, and 3 professionals) are :

• Elias L. Boukrami, Head of Programmes, MSc Oil & Gas Trade Management, MSc Finance, Associate
Director of Regent’s Centre for Transnational Business & Management, Faculty of Business & Management, Regent’s University London
• Sophie Changeur, Full Professor of Marketing, University of Picardie, Jules Verne
• Mériam Chèbre, Competence Research Manager, Total
• Patrice Chemlin, Head of Information Risks & Security, Solvay
• Tao-Hsien Dolly King, Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Programs and Rush S. Dickson Professor of Finance, Belk College of Business, University of North Carolina, Charlotte
• Yves Mard, Full Professor of Accounting, University of Auvergne
• Patrick Sentis, Full Professor of Finance, University of Montpellier and Director of the Doctoral School for Economics-Management, University of Montpellier
• Cécilia Tejedor, Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Entreprises Agency.