CIFRE Contracts

Recruiting doctoral students in companies

CIFRE contracts (Industrial Agreements for Training through Research) provide a firm that hires a doctoral student who will work in a research collaboration with a public laboratory with a subsidy that covers 50% of the cost incurred over a three-year period.

CIFRE allows companies to develop an R&D project, explore or improve a field of scientific or organizational competence. The CIFRE convention associates three partners: a company, a doctoral student and a research laboratory which supervises the thesis.
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Verena HESS
After graduation from Sciences Po Grenoble with a master’s degree in public administration and European governance, Verena HESS started her PhD study funded by a CIFRE contract. Her doctoral thesis focuses on digital transformation in financial services and the promise of technological value. More precisely, a multi-criteria study and ask the question how a technological innovation can create added value for a financial services company. Currently Verena is attached to information system group at Magellan Research Lab – iaelyon, and her work is supervised by Jean-Fabrice LEBRATY.

Andréas MAITRE-FERRI has been studying at iaelyon for a couple of years, and then he has oriented himself to the research-intervention at ISEOR for his two years of Master. He started her PhD study funded by CIFRE at Magellan Research Lab – iaelyon in 2020. His doctoral thesis focuses on conceptualisation and global measurement of RSE approaches in times of change in the social and solidarity economy. His PhD study is under the supervision of Marc BONNET.

Guillaume DELORME
After studying in information system, Guillaume DELORME began his career in a science company where he works for cyber security. In 2019, Guillaume started his PhD study funded by CIFRE at Magellan Research Lab - iaelyon. His doctoral thesis is regarding assistance under the supervision of Guilaine TALENS, and it focuses on to manage the impact of IT strategies on controlling regulatory risk.

After her first year of a Master’s degree in Management and Marketing of Innovative Projects at the University of Aix-Marseille, Mégane PHOUNTOUCOS has chosen her second year of a Master of Research in Management of International Activities at iaelyon.
Her passion for innovation leads her to join a consulting group specialising in R&D funding, as a consultant in Aid for Innovation and Export.
Regarding the organisational issues of the company, she then proposed to started her PhD funded by CIFRE to develop and disseminate intrapreneurship within the group. Her work is under the supervision of Isabelle ROYER and Hanane BEDDI.

Nourelhouda NOUARI
After a Master’s degree in auditing at iaelyon in 2019, Nourelhourda NOUARI has started his professional life in a dynamic company in the food sector. In 2020 Nourelhourda decides to start a doctorate in CIFRE in Magellan Research Lab - iaelyon. The purpose of his thesis is to analyse, through action research within the company, to what extent the adoption of a risk-based approach, after a process-based approach allows internal control to make an independent judgment of the constraints of the framework and thus be the driving force behind the sustainability of the function. This work is supervised by Denis TRAVAILLE.

Tom VILLENET did his bachelor’s degree in business, management and human sciences and then completed his study with a master’s degree in the field of marketing at iaelyon. In 2020, Tom decided to continue his PhD study at Magellan Research Lab – iaelyon in Marketing with the supervision of William SABADIE. The subject of his thesis is "enriching the analysis of behavioural data: inference of the strength of the relationship through engagement behaviours".

After several years’ working in the field of health, Sophie LE LEDAN decides to restart her study in PhD, funded by a CIFRE contract, in management sciences at the Magellan Research Lab – iaelyon in 2020. Her thesis focuses on business transformation and deficit - the coping strategy for a health facility. Sophie is attached to the socio-economic management group, and her thesis is under the supervision of Véronique ZARDET.

Graduated with a master’s degree in political science, international relations and entrepreneurship, Adrien BEZIER completed his last year of an apprenticeship master's degree in the RSE department of the biopharmaceutical company. He wrote a professional dissertation on the process of co-construction between RSE and social entrepreneurship.
Funded by a CIFRE contract, his thesis focuses on the exploration of an inclusive business model within the pharmaceutical industry in France. He is interested in the business model experimentation process which promote better integration of the health needs of the disadvantage groups in France.
Adrien is attached to the Strategy group of Magellan Research Lab - iaelyon, and his thesis is supervised by Marielle PAYAUD.

After several years’ working, Laure GUIGARD has decided to go back to school with a Master’s degree in Management Research at iaelyon in 2017. She has written a dissertation on the role of textual product information online in information retrieval and processing. working as research assistant and teacher at emlyon Business School, she is undertaking a doctoral thesis funded by a CIFRE contract in Marketing & Sales in Magellan research Lab - iaelyon. Her research work, supervised by Régine VANHEEMS, aims to understand the digital transformation of the sales function.