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2022 AOM Symposium: A double nomination for Catherine Glée-Vermande, iaelyon

Evènement | May 17, 2022

The paper “Organized Emancipation: A Fraserian analysis of Maisons Familiales Rurales", co-written with Johnny Boghossian, Luc Brès and Stéphane Pisani (University Laval, Quebec), will be awarded during the 82nd AOM (Academy of Management) annual meeting which will take place in Seattle, from August 5th until August 9th.

This paper will be awarded best paper in the SIM (Social Issues in Management) division and was nominated for the prestigious Carolyn B. Dexter Award (best international paper throughout all divisions).


In this paper, we investigate organized emancipation, i.e. the process of emancipation orchestrated within dedicated organizations. On the one hand, Critical Management Studies (CMS) scholars have shown the risk of being fooled by truncated project of emancipation in the context of organization, and the particular importance of safeguarding an integral idea of emancipation in management studies. On the other hand, recent research on organization shows the potential of alternative organizations as privileged vehicles for collective action for societal challenges and for emancipation. However, the question of how organizations can promote the emancipation of their beneficiaries remains largely unexplored. In this paper, we integrate CMS insights into an organizational perspective. Using Nancy’s Fraser theory of social justice, we develop a framework for the study of organized emancipation. We apply this framework to a network of alternative organizations: Maisons familiales rurales (MFR). For more than 80 years, MFRs have been successfully delivering professional education to underprivileged youth in rural areas. Through qualitative study based on 69 interviews and 200+ archival documents, allows us to map out challenges of and to propose a three-stage model of organized emancipation.

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About Catherine Glée-Vermande

Catherine Glée-Vermande is an associate professor at iaelyon. She is the program director for the M. Sc. Human Resource Management and for the off-shore M.A. Management and Business Administration, General Management, in Lodz (Poland).
She is also a member for the Référence RH office, first network for French Master programs specialized in Human Resources Management. Her research activities are focused on alternative management processes and HR development. She hosted many conferences on these subjects