Publication: The impact of the crisis on management

Evènement | October 21, 2020

Joint publication directed by Michel Kalika, Professor Emeritus at iaelyon School of Management and President of the Business Science Institute, with the contribution of 27 management professors as well as 3 doctoral students at the Business Science Institute.

L'impact de la crise sur le management

This book became vital right now due to the scale, the brutality, and the suddenness of the COVID-19 crisis. We, at the Business Science Institute, an international academic organization with dedicated network for the Executive Doctorate in Business Administration, decided that we needed to develop several initiatives in collaboration with our doctoral students, managers located in more than thirty countries and our international professors.

Michel Kalika

The first series of initiatives taken aimed at collecting information from managers that have been confronted by the crisis.

The second aimed at putting the desire to rally together the teaching community of the Business Science Institute into action, given that the crisis was evidently going to question the certain aspects of organizational management, which the teachers were working on with their doctoral students.

This book is structed in four complementary parts : :

  1. Impact of the crisis : conclusions of the research of the Business Science Institute
  2. Impact of the crisis on management in the health sector;
  3. Impact of the crisis on management thought ; 
  4. Impact of the crisis on managerial decisions.
With the contributions of: Paul Beaulieu, Michelle Bergadaà, Sébastien Bourbon, Emmanuel Caillaud, Marie-Christine Chalus-Sauvannet, Françoise Chevalier, Bérangère Deschamps, Nathalie Dubost, Aurélie Dudézert, Christophe Fournier, Chantal Fuhrer, Hugo Gaillard, Pascal Glémain, Jean-Pierre Helfer, Julien Husson, Michel Kalika, Emmanuel Kamdem, David Larivière, Florence Laval, Olivier Lavastre, Jean-Fabrice Lebraty, Lars Meyer-Waarden, Jean Moscarola, Caroline Mothe, Yvon Pesqueux, Nicolas Poussing, Nicole Saliba-Chalhoub, Christophe Schmitt, Gabriel Tremblay, Jean-François Trinquecoste

EMS Management et Société, coll. Business Science Institute, octobre 2020, 276 pages


About Michel KALIKA

Michel Kalika est professeur émérite à l’Université Jean Moulin, iaelyon School of Management. Il est le directeur du BSIS (Business School Impact System) qu’il a développé pour la FNEGE & l’EFMD. Ce dispositif a jusqu’à présent été utilisé dans 39 écoles Michel Kalika is Professor Emeritus at the Unviersity Jean Moulin, iaelyon School of Management.

He is the director of BSIS (Business School Impact System) which he developed for FNEGE and EFMD. This initiative has been used in 39 business schools and 44 international campuses in 13 countries. He is also the president of the Business Science Institute (and its subsequent Executive DBA). He was previously dean of the EM Strasbourg Business School, where he was in charge of the fusion of the two institutions, dean of IAE Poitiers; research professor at Audencia and professor at University of Paris-Dauphine where he developed two international programs, an MBA and a DBA. Michel is the author or co-author of more than 25 works (of which Management stratégique, the most republished French work in the field) and around 100 other publications on strategy and information technology. His research has focused on the use of email by managers (the “Millefeuille” theory) and the impact of business schools.

In 2019, 40 colleagues paid an homage to him with the workEntrepreneur à l’Université, 307 pages.

His personal website: