Out now: "Human Resources Management 2020-2021", par Chloé GUILLOT-SOULEZ

Evènement | September 10, 2020

The handbook details in clear and supported terms the essentials in Human Resource Management (HRM). It shows how human resources has many dimensions and paradigms, both strategic and operational, at both an individual and collective level.

La Gestion des Ressources Humaines 2018-2019

The 13th edition is out now, and has even more information than the last.

12 chapters to know anything and everything there is about Human Resources in the workplace :
  •  the concept of HRM
  • recruitment
  • career management
  • evaluation
  • continuing education and training
  • strategic workforce planning
  • remuneration
  • working hours
  • professional risks
  • social relations
  • resignations
  • challenges in HRM

The handbook is aimed at everyone who is thinking about a career in Human Resource Management and understand the concepts and challenges, particularly those who are studying management at universities or management schools, or those who are doing diplomas to work in the tertiary sector.

Gualino - Lextenso Edition, coll. Les Zoom's
13th édition, 264 pages, August 2020


About the author

Chloé Guillot-Soulez,former student of the ENS Cachan, is a tenured lecturer of economics and management. She teaches Human Resource Management at iaelyon School of Management, as both a lecturer and thesis supervisor. She is also the person responsible for the Master of Human Resources and Organisation Management.
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